Many of our campers and staff have been impacted by camp. Here are some of their stories:



SINCE 2010

"Words cannot describe the impact LEC has had on my life. Lake Ellen Camp is a place where the Holy Spirit is present. It is covered in prayer and a powerful place to experience the presence and love of the Lord.
Practically, I have gained deeper insights into faith, spiritual experiences that I would have never dreamed of, and a new family and home. And that's only the beginning!
Lake Ellen rocks!"

ABIGAIL's story


since 2004

"When I was younger, Lake Ellen was a place where I could go for a week to really experience the presence of God like I had never felt before. As I grew older, it became a sanctuary where I could live and be myself as a Christian without fear of judgment. But honestly, the impact that Lake Ellen Camp has had on my life never really was about Lake Ellen Camp in itself, it has always been about the incredible staff members that have worked there throughout the years that has had the most impact on me and on my walk with the Lord. Now that I am preparing myself to be a counselor, I am thrilled about the opportunity that I have to help campers learn about and experience God in a way they never knew they could."


family camper/counselor

since 1999

"Lake Ellen was where the foundation of my beliefs were set. When I was a kid, I went to Lake Ellen every summer and was taught more and more about Jesus. And now, Lake Ellen just feels like a second home, somewhere I can go and feel safe and accepted."

amy & greg's story


since 2013

"LEC is a blessing to our family. We enjoy coming to retreats, family camp and everything else camp has to offer. There's just something super special about Lake Ellen. We especially love the amazing staff and food!! LEC is home away from home and we always look forward to our next trip back."

jade's story

camper/area director

since 2004

"During my many years at Lake Ellen, I've been challenged more there than I have anywhere else. For many years, God has acted as a mirror showing me the areas that I need to work on and has challenged me in my walk with Christ. Apart from my kids and the staff at Lake Ellen, I would not be the Christian I am today. God uses this place as a sharp tool that continues to chisel away at my sinful life to make me more like Christ. And I can never thank him enough for bringing me to Lake Ellen Camp."

grace's story


since 2008

"Lake Ellen has turned into my second home over the years. It has impacted me by reassuring my faith in God. I feel at peace whenever I am at camp. I always make amazing friends and I have never had a bad time there. I love Lake Ellen so very much and it has become a very big part of my life."

jackie's story

full time staff

since 2005

"I have gotten so much closer with the Lord from the retreats and working here. It made me realize how good God is and nothing else is. It makes me want to tell, especially young women, how to live a Godly life by mentoring and teaching them how important God's word is. I love my job here."



since 2011

"LEC has impacted me in so many ways. It is where I got saved! The past three summers that I have been on staff I have grown so much and it has brought me so much closer to God! I have also met some of my best friends at camp!"

terry's story

camp nurse

since 1985

"I have grown in the Lord here more than anywhere else in my life."

josh's story


summer 2015

"LEC has allowed me to manifest what I have wanted to do with my faith for so long. I had been an assistant counselor in the past at a different camp, but Lake Ellen was the first full time counselor position I had taken. I love kids and being able to connect with them on a spiritual and emotional level really allowed me to grow in my own faith. The more I invested myself in these kids the more I found myself pursuing God above!

lindsey's story


since 2012

Spotlight Video

"My first time at a bible camp was when I was 16. I thought that I would hate it, so I decided to go to a weekend retreat just in case it was terrible. I can honestly say, it was the best weekend of my life. The speaker was awesome, everyone was like a big family... After that first day, I knew Lake Ellen would be a huge part of who I am."

darrel's story

men's retreat camper

since 1968

"I was all alone walking up this hill, that's when I guess I really met the Lord and knew that salvation was mine. It was just a beautiful experience. It would be the following year I was baptized in Lake Ellen over here."