Register for Summer Camp

What is housing like?

Summer Youth Camp:

Girls - dorms: cement floors, bunk beds (sleeps 10 campers and 1 counselor) 

Boys - cabins: cement floors, bunk beds (sleeps 10 campers and 1 counselor)

Boys - Neenah: carpet floors, bunk beds (sleeps 8 campers and 1 counselor)



Dorms: cement floors, bunk beds, queen bed (sleeps 11)

Cabins: cement floors, bunk beds (sleeps 10)

Neenah: carpet floors, bunk beds, queen bed (sleeps 10)

Retreat Center: carpet floors, bunk beds and one queen bed (sleeps 4)

Northpoint (Save $25): rustic cabins, no electricity, hand pumped water, outhouses (sleeps 8 campers)

RV/Tent (Save $25): some sites have water and electricity



Dorms: cement floors, bunk beds (sleeps 10 campers and 1 counselor)

Neenah: carpet floors, bunk beds (sleeps 8 campers and 1 counselor)

Retreat Center Downstairs: carpeted/hardwood floors, 4 separate rooms that each have a bunk bed and double bed

(sleeps 4 campers)

Retreat Center Upstairs: carpeted floors

Rooms 1-5: 2 Twin beds

Rooms 7-8: 1 Double bed

Room 9: Double bed and bunk

Can i bring a cell phone (electronics)?

We ask that youth campers leave their electronic devices at home. If a camper comes to camp with any electronics we will hold their devices in the office until the morning of their departure. This includes but is not limited to cell phones, computers, games, or mp3 players. (It's okay to bring a camera.)

How Do I request a bunk-mate?

Fill in the name of the person you wish to room with in the space provided on the registration form.  You may request two roommates. We do our absolute best to make sure you get to room with your requested roommates. 

What if my child takes medication?

All medications must be in their original prescription bottles and are required to be turned in to the camp health officer upon arrival, who will then distribute them at the appropriate times. Our camp infirmary is sufficiently stocked to meet the general needs of headaches, coughs, and scrapes. If you have any questions about a specific medical situation, please call the camp office.

Do you offer camp scholarships?

Yes, we have a scholarship program to assist campers under financial hardship.  

Anyone who would like to donate to the scholarship fund can to do so by sending a tax-deductible gift to our mailing address: 212 Narrow Way, Crystal Falls, MI 49920.

Scholarship Request Form

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Lake Ellen offers a sibling discount for our youth camps only (not family camp).  The first child pays full price.  Each additional child from the same household receives a $10 discount.  Campers do not need to attend the same week to receive the family discount.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Lake Ellen camp reserves the right to cancel any camp before the starting date.  If cancellation should occur, campers will receive a full refund, or may transfer to another camp.

The registration deposit is non-refundable.

No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrival, or early departure.

When is arrival and departure for Summer Camp?

Check in:  Registration is from 2-4 pm central time on Sunday.

Check out:  Camp ends following the parent/camper closing rally which starts at 9 am.  Parents are encouraged to attend and enjoy the closing ceremonies with their campers. The closing rally should last no more than an hour. Before taking camper home, parents must checkout with the counselor and sign the camper's release form. 

Early check out:  Early check out is available with prior notification and arrangements. We encourage all campers to stay the full week.