Did your child ever fall in love with a camp horse? Well…take it home with you for the winter! Lake Ellen is starting an “Adopt-A-Horse” program. Adopting is a great way to see if your child is ready for the responsibilities of caring for a horse without the expense of buying one. It also is a great way to add a horse or two to your existing herd. Your horse will come home with you from October thru May with their saddle, saddle pad, bridle, halter, lead rope and brushes. Your expense of taking care of the horse is tax-deductible.


 Safe fencing and adequate space (determined with a visit to your home or stable)

 Shelter (barn, trees, or lean to)

 Pay for hoof care (trim every 8 to 10 weeks)

 Deworming every 2 months

 Coggins Test

 First $500 in vet bills, if required (LEC will cover any additional amount if notified before procedures are preformed)

 Sign Adopt-A-Horse agreement


E-mail Chris Ann for more information.