Lake Ellen Camp is independently run and offers a variety of programs for people of all ages and interests.  Summer programs give youth a chance to enjoy a week or two at camp while being challenged spiritually.  Then at the end of summer, join us for a week of family camp where you will be challenged to grow closer as a family while you relax and spend time with each other. Lake Ellen also offers a variety of weekend retreats throughout the year, such as men’s and women’s, father/son, mother/daughter, couples, scrapbooking, and many other retreats for adults as well as kids. Furthermore, Lake Ellen offers camp rental through our Guest Group program, so you can bring your youth group for a few days or have your church picnic here.  Contact us for more information on camp rental.  

Come check out Lake Ellen!  We look forward to having you here!

I hope you realize that Lake Ellen is changing lives. I’ve witnessed to one person already since I’ve been home and have made two of my friends even stronger Christians! I am loving it!
— Summer Camper 2011